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My passion for natural hair came as a result of being able to identify with the struggle and eventually embrace it. My hair texture is very kinky. It took me quite some time to fully accept it. I tried so hard to change it with chemicals and heat, even after I called myself being “natural”. Protected by Ross came about by accident really.

I always found myself chasing after stylist to pay them to braid my hair, and I got very frustrated with that. I have a teenage daughter who always wants to keep her hair done. This had me consistently researching and learning how to do different things to her hair. After several bad experiences with protective stylists, I decided to learn how to do more things to our hair, and soon I began to love it. I enjoy bonding with women.

Talking about their natural hair woes, exchanging stories on hair care, what has worked for them or hasn’t and most of all protective styling brings me joy. Protective styling is a girl’s best friend, and when executed properly can give her hair and hands a break while allowing her tresses to flourish. Right now, my specialty is goddess faux locs. Please enjoy a snippet of my gallery and let’s connect on my Instagram…see you soon and Happy Protecting Queens!

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