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Baking has always been one of the great loves of my life. I just didn’t know it yet. Just like the perfect life partner who has always been there when you needed them I had baking tucked in a friend basket. It was not until the holiday season in 2019 that I began to recognize my soul mate. It was the first year my daughter and I decided to host dinner and have family and friends over instead of house hopping. She wanted to cook all the food for dinner, so I decided to contribute fresh baked goods to the menu. Even amidst the chaos of preparing the meal and details for the gathering, baking gave me such a sense of zen and calm. When the accolades of appreciation and praise came in for the treats I made I knew I was in love. 

Soon after dinner my sister reminded me how I used to bake when we were kids and how I worked the dessert counter at Shoney’s briefly as a teenager (both memories that I had forgotten).

Fast forward to March 2020 the pandemic was in full force and we were in a state of shock and shut down. I continued to bake occasionally at home to get my mind off of things and shared the pictures of my successes and failures on social media. Before you know it Mother’s Day was upon us and I had friends requesting cakes for their moms! After the 7th cake was made and boxed up, I decided to take this old lover out of the friend basket for good and thus Baked by Ross was born. 




baked by ross

Just as the perfect hairstyle can make you feel transformed, I want my treats to make you feel transported. I call it the Baked by Ross first bite. Whether you are tasting a slice of my moist delicious cake, soon to be world famous macarons, or any of the confections in my dessert boxes I want it to be an experience you won’t soon forget. 

My attention to detail carries over into everything I create so expect your treat to be an Instagram worthy moment. From sight to first bite I strive to make each morsel play it’s part in sparking joy and creating fond memories for you and your loved ones.

Whether ordering for an event, or a just because treat, my confections will leave you wanting to get Baked by Ross again and again.



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