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  • They really are…I can prove it Several years back I found myself in a wonderful yet delusional “long distance relationship”. I was dating an athlete who lived and worked overseas.  He was hella FINE, charming, and did ever

  • Sex is one of the more famous 3 letter words in the English language. Songs have been written about it. We have been told it sells, a lot.  Back in the 90s Salt n Pepa asked us to talk about it. With Valentine’s Day around the corner

  • Fit, Focused + Fabulous When I decided to start By Ross I knew that my love hate relationship with fitness was an area I wanted to explore. Lately I have found every reason not to be consistent with my workouts, I hope some of you can relat

  • Farewell to the Obamas? Where did the time go? Cues Jeezy* “My President is black, my Lambo’s blue”….wait a minute the President isn’t black anymore? I don’t care…I don’t care, my President will always be black! Especially for the next 4 ye

  • Because…juice I have been reading up on the benefits of juicing and I really think it is something everyone should try at least once (unless your doctor says you shouldn’t). Got the juice? Here’s why juicing is the right move. J

  • What makes a person an amazing human? The word amazing means that something is surprising, stunning or astonishing. It’s a word often used to describe that which causes great surprise or wonder. Amazing Humans are not afraid to live life in

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