Meet Cheryl.

That moment when….we all have had them, it’s just a matter of if you realize it or ignore it.  That moment when you wake up and realize you’re bored, not with a particular thing with life in general.  That moment when you realize that you’re not living up to your full potential.  It can be as simple as a burning desire to return to school, to start a workout regimen and stick to it, or to take a chance and love again.  It could be waking up every day going to a job that you know you hate but you go because you feel you HAVE TO. That moment when you want to step out on faith and do more, be more but you’re scared.

What if I fail? What if no one supports my dream or cares what I have to say? That moment when you realize you have let fear creep into so many aspects of your life to the point that it stifles and stagnates.  That moment when….you make the decision that it is no longer okay to be afraid of everything and half ass live your life!  You have things to say, gifts to share and people to inspire! That moment when you say screw fear I’m launching out here fly or fall watch out world here I come! This blog for me is that moment…

Hello everyone my name is Cheryl and I used to be afraid of everything.  I still am, but I no longer allow it to stop me from doing the things I want to do.I started this blog because I am special and so are you! I love meeting and connecting with people and I can’t fly to other countries and towns to do that (yet). 😉

By Ross - Cheryl Ross

I was born in Brooklyn, NY but grew up in Dallas, Tx.  I have been living in Charlotte, NC since 1994 and I am the proud mother of an amazing teenage daughter named Nahla.  She is the seasoning in this meal called life for me and is responsible for my very existence being filled with so much joy, non stop entertainment and laughter.  This endeavor and jumping off the cliff of fear is dedicated to her.  A few more things about me:

  1. I am a dental hygienist by trade currently completing my BS in Biology with a minor is Psych and Chemistry.  The goal is dental school afterwards.  Your oral health affects all aspects of your body and it’s important to me that you understand that.  One day (God willing) I will become Dr. Ross.
  2. I’m so here for women loving themselves (but not in a I am my own wcw kind of way eyeroll*) and supporting each other.  I love women who make eye contact on the street to return a smile.  Women who slay give me LIFE and I will always be a cheerleader and supporter of women doing their thing while consistently trying to improve and level up.  That YASSSSS BISH you hear in a crowd is usually me. 😉 Women that are catty or petty turn me off and I try to avoid them.
  3. My goal with this blog is to connect with, inspire, and be inspired by as many amazing people as God sees fit to connect me with.  I am open to all the good things that You have in store for me Lord!
  4. I’m passionate about natural hair, there is an entire mental battle that occurs when a woman decides to return to natural that I understand all too well.  I am all for women deciding to be the way God made them if they chose to do so.
  5. I love learning and sharing knowledge that I have gained.
  6. I love my family, friends, and all the people I encounter who teach me to be a better person.  Most of all I LOVE LAUGHING.

Whether you are here to learn about me, learn from me or teach me something you belong here.  I hope that something I say or do will inspire you to say screw fear! If Cheryl can go for it then I am going to go for it too.  You should I will be there cheering you on. So take my hand and let’s jump off this cliff together…you ready? Let’s make magic!

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