Amazing Humans - By Ross

The Amazing Human Series feat. Jessica S.

What makes a person an amazing human? The word amazing means that something is surprising, stunning or astonishing. It’s a word often used to describe that which causes great surprise or wonder. Amazing Humans are not afraid to live life in HD.

They do things that most can’t, won’t, or are afraid to do. Most amazing humans don’t even know that they are amazing. I think it’s high time they do! Welcome to the Amazing Human Series.

Meet Jessica Stanton.

I met Jessica a few years back as a natural hair stylist here in Charlotte, NC. We connected via social media a few years ago. To my amazement, Jessica decided to sell all her belongings and move to Medellin, Columbia to teach English to high schoolers.

Talk about having big cojones! I was so intrigued about her journey, I kindly offered to dance at her future wedding and babysit her future twins to get the tea. Enjoy.

The Amazing Human Series
feat. Jessica S.

Cheryl! I’m so honored you’ve decided to feature me! If there ever is a wedding or twins in my future, I’m holding you to your words!! 

1.  What led you to make this major life change? I had become uninspired with both my personal & professional life. I was wading the waters between “I’m ok” and “I’m miserable” not to mention the state of affairs the United States was(is) in. The travel bug had bitten me years prior to this, but I had suppressed the itch until I could figure out how to make it happen.

2.  What are a few of the key places/things you have seen since traveling?  I’ve seen so much, so many things I can’t even put in words. I’m in awe of the beauty of my city, Medellín daily. I’ve seen levels of poverty most people from the US couldn’t fathom. I’ve seen complete strangers treat each other like family.

I went on a hike that led to Pablo Escobar’s self built prison. Visited a night club which provided an all-you-can-drink open bar cup with the entry cover, had 5 levels, and about 14 different mini clubs inside. I learned about, and fell in love with an Afro-Colombian genre of music called Champeta. I bathed in a mud volcano, held starfish & sea urchins while floating above their home. 

Don't wait until the right time because there isn't one.

 3.  What about this new journey has made the most impact on your life at this point?  Every bit of it has been impactful. From giving away or selling nearly everything I owned, to almost breaking down in tears on a busy sidewalk because I couldn’t find the immigration office, and none of the people I asked for directions could understand my terrible Spanish. 

The most impactful gain I’ve experienced from this is more clarity. I’m incredibly indecisive. Moving abroad forced me to trust my gut exclusively. It became much easier to prioritize what’s important and what isn’t when funds are limited, and you realize how vast the world is.

4.  Is there anything about your new adventure that you didn’t know that you wish you knew before?  I wish I knew Spanish fluently lol. I also wish I had done this sooner, but had no idea it was an option.

 5.  What advice do you have for anyone who is considering moving to another country and starting a new life/adventure like you did?

-Don’t wait until the right time because there isn’t one. There will always be something that you’ll feel you need to stick around for. I left 3 weeks before my Mom’s 60th Birthday. Your friends & family will understand; just go. -Save more money than you think you need. Start up costs can be be hefty and mistakes are bound to be made.

-Be open. Stay open. Try not to compare things in your new country to your old one. That’s a recipe for disaster. Observe without judgment and enjoy the adventure! 

This life isn’t for everyone; you’ve got to be an extremely flexible person to deal with such huge changes. I highly recommend taking a solo trip to a place you’ve never been. Not necessarily across the world, it could be across the state. It’s one of the fastest & best ways to get to know yourself.

6.  How can readers stay in contact or follow your adventure?  My blog, Jesstination Unknown will be launching soon, until then you can follow mi vida loca on Instagram @JayeEllis.

Thank you Jessica for giving us an inside peek at your journey! (enjoy a few snippets of Jessica’s adventures below) 🙂 

Stay tuned for the next amazing human…..

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